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We provide Australian small to medium sized businesses with dedicated staff from the Philippines.

Plug & Grow your team by outsourcing from the top offshore talent

Build your dream team

Get exclusive access to the top talents and build your optimal team to scale your projects. RemoteHirely makes outsourcing fast and simple.


Hit your project milestones twice as fast with experienced offshore team members. We will only provide carefully pre-screened candidates with years of experience aligned with your business needs so you can save heaps of time training.

Reduce Cost

By sourcing affordable offshore staff, you’ll save huge costs and achieve superior outcomes. Leverage experienced candidates at a fraction of the cost to optimize your team.

Team Management

Remember that while cost reduction is important, maintaining the quality of work and a positive relationship with your offshore team is crucial. We handle Team management, Performance reviews, HR concerns and Employee appreciation to all your offshore team.

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RemoteHirely nails it with top-notch talent from the Philippines – whether it’s Customer Service Reps, Admins, or Executive Assistants, their professionalism is unmatched. Communication’s a breeze, and they consistently exceed expectations. We’re lining up more hires for Lawpath, looking to grow hand in hand.

Dominic Woolrych

CEO of Lawpath

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talent within days

Job Description & Requirements

We assist in tailoring your JD to find the most experienced and suitable candidates to interview.

Find and Hire Top Talents

We use our local Philippines team to find and attract the top talent. Initial screening and our experienced team find the top talent.

HR and Account Management

Equipment, contracts, leave tracking, and monthly check-ins are all included.

Grow your

Leverage our expert team to equip you with the right team members to enhance your business.

Hire Fast & Easily with RemoteHirely

Schedule a 30 minute call to discuss your candidate requirements and hiring needs

Frequently asked questions

What roles do you typically recruit for?

RemoteHirely offer a range of candidates across various roles such as Customer Support, Virtual Admin, Marketing Assistants, Sales Representatives, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Executive Assistants, Operations Assistants & Managers, Practice Admin, Software Engineers, and more. We find and attract quality candidates across various roles and use our extensive experience to ensure they are a good fit based on your requirements.

What industries have you previously served?

We are currently serving companies across multiple industries including IT, Solar Power, Accounting, Construction, Professional Services, Finance and Legal. We adapt our expertise to the specific needs of the different industries.

How do you manage communication and collaboration with clients?

Effective communication is maintained through various channels such as emails, project management tools, video conferencing, and regular check-in calls. A dedicated account manager is assigned to facilitate smooth collaboration who will be your point-of-contact at RemoteHirely.

What is your pricing model?

RemoteHirely offers a fixed monthly fee that is all-inclusive. The monthly fee usually starts from $2,500 + gst. The fee can vary based on the role and requirements and the experience of the candidates. Transparent pricing structures are provided upfront. A month bond is payable up-front that is fully refundable.

Do you provide equipment to staff?

Yes, a brand-new computer, extra monitor, and computer accessories will be provided to all of your RemoteHirely team members.

What about the differences in time zones?

There is only a 2-3 hours difference between AU and PH Time Zones. RemoteHirely team members are flexible to work with your local time zone.

How long does it take to hire someone from RemoteHirely?

Once the job description is provided, it usually only takes 3-5 business days before we can provide candidates for your review. Some Filipino employees will have to render 15-30 days to their current employers as a resignation notice.